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Thursday, October 21, 2004

I need witchcraft,Where is the "Cinder Fucking ella" 's fairy?


  • At Fri Oct 22, 11:22:00 AM 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    !دیکشنری میخوام
    دیدی باید برم زبان بخونم
    آخ جون


  • At Sat Oct 23, 08:32:00 AM 2004, Blogger gharibe said…

    Is Life What We Are Soppousing ? Or Is It Just What We Are Doing ?
    WE Are Told To Breath, Told To Eat Why Dont We Give It Up ?
    I Read SomeWhere That Life is Thinking And When You Stop Thinking It`s Over.
    I Love To Empty My Mind From All Those Things Others Has Put Into It.
    Philosophy,Making Questions And Trying To Answer Them,Aint We Stiupid?Why Not?
    What Is Philosophy What Is Stiupid ?
    These Are ONly Words,But Words Seems To Teach Hate.
    What Is Freedom That YOU are Fighting And Thinking For? What Do you want to do with all this freedom, while we hate our country and hate ourselfs,afraid to change,what we want to do with all this things?We Are Just FightinG Through The Never.Stop The Game.
    Why Dont Quit And Set Your Self Free ?



  • At Sun Oct 24, 10:43:00 AM 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    bah ... aghaB ... o0n ver. ghaDmia time out mishodan ... alan ke baba jaDdesh o0made life time taze tahvil dar mahale majani ... ba kaleskeye parande miaran :D faghat heif shomarash yadam rafte :-P


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